“… No, the boat was more than its wood hull, lead keel, and canvas sails. The boat was the realization of that inner vision of wind, water, tides, terns, and salt air, it was the summation, the epiphany of a boy’s life as it was, as it would become, as it had to be…”

About the Sailing Vessel: MIST

MIST is a 1983 Beneteau First 38 auxilary sloop acquired on August of 2000 after two months of extensive search. The original search criteria for the boat was for a performance cruising boat between 35-40 feet with a fast modern hull, sea kindly sailing characteristics and cruising comfort for a crew of four. I was looking for a boat capable of coastal and offshore cruising as well as around-the-bouy racing that is comfortable,well construction with high quality materials and workmanship, easily single-handed as well as accomodating for a boat load of racing crew or daysailing friends.
The Beneteau First 38 fulfilled all of my requirements beautifully. She proved to be a fine seacraft with a wonderful sense of balance in speed and comfort. She has consistently made it easy for us to place well in local races one weekend, then go cruising the next week with all the comforts and amenities of a floating home. Her sheer line is gracefully classic – so she still looks good despite her over twenty years, she looks sleek and modern as current generation of sailboats. Where ever we go sailing with her, we have always gotten admiring glances and complimentary remarks from passerby and old salts.
The inspiration for her name comes from two sources. Dictionary defines “mist” as water in the form of particles floating in the atmosphere at or near the surface of the earth and approaching the form of rain. In another words, a medium of both water and air – much like the environment a sailboat must navigate. While this is a clinical explanation of the origin to her name, there is a more poetic aspect to the word “MIST” – which evokes an amorphous and ethereal feelings. There is suspense, mystery and wonderment implied in the word… To me, a sailboat IS a thing of ethereal beauty that is timeless and inspirational.
The second source for the name MIST is more personal. It’s a root word stemming from the name of my first boat “DRAGONMIST”. I wanted some continuity to the naming convention of my boats. The tender for MIST is named “Dragon” and thereby the two traveling in tow pays tribute their predecessors.
MIST participated in a number of local regatta series and perpetual club races as well as beer can series, While winning is always fun, we don’t take racing so seriously to win at all cost or at the expense of fun. We race to improve our boat handling skills as well as to earn the respect of our competitors. Nonetheless, MIST’s racing results shows consistent top scores, reflecting more on the intrinsic gracefulness and efficiency of her design rather than the skills and brawn of owner and crew.